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 Real Food Solutions
for Real Life

Longevity Nutrition - Healthy Recipes - Intermittent Fasting
Gut Health - Weight Loss


Helping you take control of your health using the latest developments in nutrition. 

Specialising in finding the best solutions for each client.

Recognising everyone is an individual and has unique needs - not a cut and paste diet plan.

Supporting people to learn the habits they need to reach their goals and empowering them to eat healthily.


Debbie Dean online nutritionist

Debbie Dean 

BSc (Hons), DNP, FNTP


Nourish Insiders

Unlock the secrets to

long-lasting vitality and defy ageing.

Nourish Insiders is designed to help you maintain your overall health through good nutrition and other related lifestyle hacks.


Together, we'll aim to help you look and feel younger with our NEW membership program opening soon for Founder Members 



Supercharge with Superfoods

FREE 20 page download


Supercharge Your Diet: Delicious ways to enjoy Superfoods every day.

Learn what Superfoods are and how to add them into your daily diet with my 3-step plan and tasty recipes to get you started on your journey to being a Superfood Superhero.



Images from Superfoods ebook

Get Nourished

Get Nourished! is a unique 12 week programme supporting you to reach your nutrition goals. 

One-to-one consultations with accompanying workshops, action planners, food diaries and checklists.

Limited spaces available.

consultation at a Cafe


Supporting your unique journey to improved health with the latest evidence based nutrition.

Choose the consultation style to suit you -  0nline, phone or in person (Crewe, Cheshire)

Woman with Coffee

Intermitent Fasting

Get started on your Intermittent Fasting journey with our 6-week group coaching program.


Next course available September 2023



Get my free Starters Guide Here

Cooking in the kitchen

Recipe Hub

Healthy eating should be tasty and easy. 

Recipe Hub gives you access to 100 delicious recipes & meal plan ideas. 
And more recipes are added each month.

“Debbie really takes the time to understand the client's needs, she is happy to answer any question or queries and explains everything thoroughly.

 I feel more energised and it's great to know I'm actually eating nourishing meals”

- Sharon (Cheshire)

Happy Woman

“Excellent advice to make quick healthy meals to suit my lifestyle. I would no hesitate to use Debbie again

- Jo (Manchester)

Happy young woman
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