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The Power of Nutrition: How One Client’s Journey to Health Can Inspire You

Discover the transformative power of nutrition.

As a nutritionist, I have often seen the incredible power of nutrition to transform lives.

Join me as I walk you through how I spotted the gaps in Miriam's diet to start her on a path to lasting wellness and a vibrant life.

a woman explaining how to write a health plan with another woman

As a busy wife and mum, Miriam had been battling with chronic pain, hypomobility, IBS, migraines, and early menopause.

She needed a sustainable solution that could address her needs.

Before Miriam found me she had tried various solutions including a low-FODMAP diet, removing lactose from her diet, and going gluten-free. She had also visited an NHS Dietician.

She admits "I couldn't cut out all of the foods they had me doing." Experimenting with these different recommendations, Miriam had varying results over time and eventually gave up. She found herself eating everything and then feeling "quite poorly".

Struggling to look after herself she looked for further outside support and, I'm glad to say, she found me online (thank you Google).

Miriam chose me because she wanted a personal touch. A coach who was relatable. In her words - Someone who didn't preach and say things like: "I nailed my health 10 years ago and now I look like a model."

My mentoring is gentle and focused on the individual. My approach is one that is holistic, and based on the whole person. I help my clients take control of their health with the latest nutritional developments. I help them learn the habits they need to reach their health and weight goals.

Miriam's Results

woman holding a healthy smoothie

Over a period of time, Miriam has seen:

  • fewer pain flare-up

  • reduced migraine episodes

  • improved vitality

  • less brain fog

  • better weight control

  • less inflamed appearance

"I made bread yesterday and I was like 'what? - who are you?' you don't do things like that. I pretty much turned up in the kitchen and instead of grazing in the cupboards I was cooking bread!"

"When you find the right kind of coach, you kind of grab them with both arms and keep them as long as you can. You can build a rapport, a relationship and a sense of mutual trust and knowledge"

A Variety of Ways to Work with Me

I know everyone is unique, that's why I don't offer cookie-cutter solutions or one-size-fits-all plans. Working with me is a different experience for each person. I've found it's the best way to get lasting results.

With this in mind, I offer a variety of ways to work with me including one-to-one sessions, group membership, and courses.

If you'd like to find out more about the right option for you please book a free chat with me today.

Looking forward to helping you!




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