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I offer I range of consultations, courses and membership programs designed to suit your lifestyle.

Healthy eating, science based solutions for weight loss, gut health, menopause, autoimmune conditions and more.

With so much advice out there about diet, nutrition and eating healthily, you'd think it was easy to know what to eat to improve your health, maintain a healthy weight and stay in peak condition for as long as possible. 

Most people that come to me confused about what they should be eating. Even if they know what they should be eating, they are struggling to stick the their goals. My role as a nutritionist is to  find the right dietary solutions for each one of them and help them learnt the healthy habits to incorporate healthy eating into their life. 

I know that people have different learning styles and different nutrition needs, that's why I offer a range of consultations, courses and memberships. You can see some of the transformations in previous clients here 

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Take back control of your diet and health.

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Gut Health Courses

Rebuild & reboot your gut health. 

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Intermittent Fasting

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January 2023

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